Granitos do Norte | The excellence of granite
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Over 25 years of experience in the extraction, transformation and trading of ornamental rocks and granite products,
the company GNT – GRANITOS DO NORTE has implemented continuous improvement in its processes, always looking for the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


We are recognized by our thorough raw material selection processes. We also know how to identify premium materials that allows us to offer the most unique, exclusive products to our clients..


yellow Mondim

1.Compressive strength 1260 kg/cm2
2.Flexural strength 95 kg/cm2
3.Bulk density 2570 kg / m3
4.Water absorption P.At.N. 0.9%


pink Monsoon

1. Compressive strength 1845 kg/cm2
2. Flexural strength 159 kg/cm2
3. Bulk density 2640 kg / m3
4. Water absorption P.At.N. 0.2%


Rosa Porriño

1.Compressive strength 1855 kg/cm2
2.Flexural strength 120 kg/cm2
3.Bulk density 2610 kg / m3
4.Water absorption P.At.N. 0.3%


1. Compressive strength 1260 kg/cm2
2. Flexural strength 163 kg/cm2
3. Bulk density 2815 kg / m3
4. Water absorption P.At.N. 0.16%


1.Compressive strength 1937 kg/cm2
2.Flexural strength 146 kg/cm2
3.Bulk density 2630 kg / m3
4.Water absorption P.At.N. 0.2%

Alpendorada GREY

1. Compressive strength 2180 kg/cm2
2. Flexural strength 158 kg/cm2
3. Bulk density 2650 kg / m3
4. Water absorption P.At.N. 0.2%


1.Compressive strength 2180 kg/cm2
2.Flexural strength 159 kg/cm2
3.Bulk density 2700 kg / m3
4.Water absorption P.At.N. 0.2%


1. Compressive strength 1260 kg/cm2
2. Flexural strength 163 kg/cm2
3. Bulk density 2815 kg / m3
4. Water absorption P.At.N. 0.16%


black Angola

1.Compressive strength 1714 kg/cm2
2.Flexural strength 194 kg/cm2
3.Bulk density 2815 kg / m3
4.Water absorption P.At.N. 0.16%


The different techniques and mechanical treatments applied allow us to provide our clients with a wide variety of finished, therefore multiplying use possibilities.


A smooth, completely smooth and flat, showing the true colours of materials, without the shine and detailing of the polished finish. The honed finish is very cosy and comfortable..


Produced through the stone from exposure to high temperatures, it should be noted that not all materials blaze. The flamed finish is flat enough for paving, while admitting variations in relief on its surface and present a face composed of layers or “chips”.


A shiny surface that enhances the complete coloring of the material, as well as its specific characteristics (the grain, the shafts, etc). Completely flat and, this finish conveys feelings of nobility and refinement and reveals all the beauty and strength of natural stone.


The blasted finish is non-slip and especially suitable for floors and claddings. Rough surface, The blasted material is sufficiently flat and used for paving.


The finish sandblasting is anti-slip, and semi-wrinkled, sufficiently flat and well suited for paving. comparatively, this finish is less rough than the blasted and rougher to the touch than the brushed.


Finish appearance 100% natural obtained by cleavage with specific made manually or by pneumatic tools cleavers give a very rough irregular and more or less depending on the aspect rock texture in question.


The surface of this finish is not smooth to the touch and, however, more than enough flat and suitable for paving. Although not totally anti-slip, sawn material creates the comparatively friction than the material polished or finished honed.


The scratched finish is one of the most expensive options in terms of finishes, However, It provides a unique effect stone, this solution also requires more time to production.


Each project is unique and deserves permanent, full monitoring. From the moment of choosing the product to their shipment the customer enjoys the know-how and extensive experience of our team.



Get in touch with GNT – Granitos do Norte

Av. Principal, nº 1115
4625-070 Bem Viver
Marco de Canaveses

+ 351 255 588 770

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